Betting is as old as horse-racing itself. Nothing is more exciting than trusting your luck to the speed of a horse and the experience of a jockey. 
Do you want to cheer on the powerful animals as they gallop over the turf, spurred on by the determination of their jockeys? Then try your luck. It is quite simple. 

how do i place a bet?

  1. Choose "your" horse. 
    The racing programme contains detailed information about the horses and their chances of winning. It covers everything in relation to "favourites" and "outsiders". 

    The odds of winning are shown and constantly updated on the monitors. The sweepstake favourites can be seen from the odds. With place bets, by contrast, the amounts are shown for each horse.

    If you do not want to go by the tips and information in the racing programme or the odds then you select by name, rider or number. The best approach is to form your own impression of the horses and jockeys in the parade ring.

    Decide whether you want to place a win or place bet.
    An explanation of the different types of bets can be found in our betting guide.

  2. Decide on the amount you want to bet and place your bet at the counter.
    Enter the relevant information in the following order:
    1) Type of bet
    2) Number(s) of horse(s) in the race
    3) Amount you would like to bet The stake is CHF 2.00 (basic stake) or a multiple of two.

    If you would like to place a bet for a later race, first enter the number of the race.

    With a bit of luck you can then collect your winnings from the counter.

    Your winnings will be paid out after the odds have been announced by the speaker. The odds indicate the winnings for every Swiss franc bet, and the less is bet on the horse, the higher the stakes. Multiply the amount you bet by the odds to find out how much you have won.

When you collect your winnings, you can place your bets for the next race there and then. The new bet will then be automatically deducted from your winnings. 

Betting Guide